What is Fiatend

How it Works

At Fiatend, we believe that everyone should have the freedom to earn, hold, spend, share and give their money - no matter who you are or where you come from.

We’ve built a platform to buy and sell shares.

Decentralized Platform

Decentralized Platform

In blockchain, decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision-making from a centralized entity to a distributed network.

Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer

A decentralized communications model in which each party has the same capabilities and either party can initiate a communication session.

Rewards Mechanism

Rewards Mechanism

Staking in crypto rewards is the process of holding cryptocurrency in a wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network.

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Fiatend Feature

Best Features

Secure transaction and Low cost.

Currency Wallet

Currency Wallet

Crypto wallets store your private keys, keeping your crypto safe and accessible. They also allow you to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

When choosing a cryptocurrency wallet, it's important to consider factors such as security, ease of use, and the cryptocurrencies it supports. It's also important to ensure that you keep your private keys safe and secure, as losing them could result in the loss of your cryptocurrencies.

Internal Integration

Internal Integration

Internal integration involves the coordination, collaboration and integration of logistics activities with other functional areas in an organisation.

Internal integration in the context of cryptocurrencies typically refers to the integration of different cryptocurrency-related systems within an organization. This could involve integrating cryptocurrency wallets, payment gateways, or exchange platforms with each other or with other internal systems such as accounting or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Security Storage

Security Storage

Public key is used to encrypt information and create your wallet address, and the private key allows you to decrypt the information.

Security is a critical aspect of storing cryptocurrencies. Since cryptocurrencies are digital assets, they can be vulnerable to theft, hacking, and other forms of cyber attacks, thus we are providing best safe locking storage.

Reliable & Low Cost

Reliable & Low Cost

Different cryptocurrency wallets charge different fees for transactions. Choose a wallet that offers low fees or no fees for transactions.

The cost of a cryptocurrency transaction can vary depending on network traffic. To save on fees, consider optimizing the timing of your transaction by sending it during periods of low network traffic.

Insurence Protection

Insurence Protection

Crypto insurance protects against losses associated with cybersecurity breaches such as hacks or thefts.

Keep accurate records of your cryptocurrency transactions, including the date, amount, and wallet address. This information can be useful in the event of a loss and can help you file a claim more easily.

Experts Support

Experts Support

24*7 chat support via Telegram.

When choosing a cryptocurrency company to work with, look for one that offers expert support. This can include access to a team of cryptocurrency experts who can help you with everything from setting up a wallet to developing a trading strategy.


The Timeline

The time line will better to work further digital enhancement.

Meet the Team

Our Team

It´s better to wait for a productive programmer to become available than it is to wait for the first available programmer to become productive.

Team Member
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Team Member
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Team Member
Chief Technology Officer
Team Member
Chief Strategy Officer


Token Sale

Token Details

Binance blockchain most futuristic reliable token

Smart contract = 0x9Fdff9D41fD69CEC105e1Db8280a3E06F5E3f9A0

  • 10% Rewards & Airdrop
  • 50% 1st Presale
  • 20% 2nd Presale
  • 20% Development

Our WhitePaper

Fiatend is a next-gen crypto platform that aims to streamline the laborious and error-prone process of traditional platforms by providing greater transparency, enhanced security, high-speed transactions.


Our whitepaper is a document that provides the reader with the necessary information required to learn about a crypto project and gives the investors an idea about whether the project is worth investing in or not. Crypto companies mostly publish whitepapers to catch the attention of potential investors and users.

  • Transparent
  • Trust
  • Growth
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Frequently Asked questions

For better understaning regarding safe & secure investment.

What is Ico Crypto?
A digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority.
How can I participate in the ICO Token sale?
Register with an Cryptocurrency Exchange. To participate in an ICO you need cryptocurrencies, usually Ether or Bitcoin. Exchange Fiat for Bitcoin or Ether.Transfer your Coins from the Exchange to a Blockchain Wallet you Control.Set up your Wallet.Buy ICO Tokens.Secure your Tokens or coins.
How do I benefit from the ICO Token?
Startups primarily use an ICO is to raise capital. The main advantage of ICOs is that they remove intermediaries from the capital-raising process and create direct connections between the company and investors. In addition, the interests of both parties are aligned
What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?
Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum (ETH). Tether (USDT). Binance Coin (BNB). XRP (XRP).Cardano (ADA).Solana (SOL).Polkadot (DOT).Fiatend (FTE).
How To perticipate?
Go to Dex - Add custom token - Open Dapps - Select Token - Add amount - swap.
What is Your Aim?
To become most utility & ultimate Token in the market.
Can you Expect groth or profit?
When the utilities come in the market people will purchase the token more and the portfolio will gain at last holding is power.
What is the vision of the Project?
To become most tradable and trustable coin in the Crypto market.
Is it trustable?
Trust only gain by contiue development and solving investor's issue as soon as possible.
Is the liquidity locked?
We will lock our liquidity for 3 years after presale completion.
How do i get my token?
Your presale purchase token will automatecally receive after persale by some percent (Not decided) every month basis.
Mainnet Mgration process?
After a certain time when we are ready we will migrate Bsc cain to our mainnet (Ratio not decied).
What is Fiatend?
Fiatend is global,distributed digital currency with an immutable transaction ledger, whereby all transactions are 100% verified and valid. Fiatend is also a decentralized peer-to-peer trustless network with no middleman or centralized authority, powered by its users alone. It is a truly limitless technology
In future the coin will move to POS or POW?
We will work for both POS and POW.
How can I pay with Fiatend?
In order to pay with Fiatend, you need the merchant’s deposit Fiatend chain address. The process of paying with Fiatend is similar to the process of paying someone using a bank transfer, but instead of using a bank account number, you use the receiver's (merchant’s) deposit address.